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Women Who Live An Alcohol-Free Life Actually Improve Their Mental Health

There are many motives why women drink: to rest, to take the edge off after a long day of work and parenthood, or to socialize with friends. New research finds that women who live an alcohol-free life really enhance their mental health and overall health by giving up these everyday glasses of wine.

The research, revealed this week in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, suggests that limiting your consuming or ceasing it all together is more helpful than drinking a glass or two of wine if you’re stressed.

Throughout the research, researchers analyzed the drinking patterns and mental health levels of more than 10,000 folks in Hong Kong and greater than 31,000 people in the USA. In each group, women and men who abstained from alcohol fully by living a sober life reported the highest levels of mental health.

Notably, it was the women who stopped consuming reported the highest levels of mental health. Whereas researchers haven’t nailed down an exact reason why sober women reacted more favorably than sober men, they recommend that refraining from alcohol decreases life stressors, like relationship problems.

Which is fascinating, considering many women likely drink a glass of wine at the end of the day to assist alleviate the heavy invisible workload they carry as the primary emotional laborers of the family. Alcohol does relieve anxiety, however solely briefly. It also works as a depressant, which activates systems in the brain that worsen anxiety after the initial calming impact. Drinking alcohol to experience optimistic results like anxiety or stress relief can result in dependency.

This results in individuals consuming more — or faster — to compensate for what they’re not feeling right away. It’s simple to see how consuming alcohol repeatedly, even carefully, can have an effect on one’s mental wellbeing in addition to physical.

This results in folks consuming more — or faster — to compensate for what they’re not feeling instantly. It’s straightforward to see how drinking alcohol recurrently, even sparsely, can have an effect on one’s psychological health in addition to bodily.

Apparently, throughout a comply with-up with topics, girls who stop drinking in the course of the examine reported a better improvement of their mental wellbeing than those that have been lifetime abstainers.

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