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Uses Of Micro Current To Exercise Heart Muscle

In a research conducted by MedUni Vienna/Vienna General Hospital, a new kind of device has been strongly used for the very first time to strengthen the weakened heart muscle in cardiomyopathy sufferers. An implanted pulse generator workout the heart muscle utilizing a microcurrent, thus stimulating the damaged heart muscle to regenerate. Ideally, this may save the patient from a heart transplant operation or at least delay the necessity for one.

In Europe, there are presently around 20 million folks (2–3 % of the adult population) with systolic heart failure. In so-referred to as dilative cardiomyopathy, the heart muscle turns into pathologically enlarged so that it could not contract sufficiently. There are several causes for this, it may be congenital, the results of inflammatory conditions, because of toxins, the results of the aging course of and even idiopathic causes. The present remedy makes an attempt to stabilize patients for so long as possible by means of optimized drug remedy. Subsequently, they are often stabilized by technological means such as special pacemaker systems (CRT, BAROSTIM).

The therapy of last resort for terminal heart failure is the biological replacement (heart transplant) or mechanical replacement (ventricular assist units). Whereas, yearly, approximately 400 patients with advanced heart failure receive long-term treatment at the Department of Medicine II of MedUni Vienna/Vienna General Hospital alone, the Department of Surgery of MedUni Vienna/Vienna General undertakes around 40 to 50 heart transplants a year to cowl the whole of Austria and to implant the identical several heart-assist pumps, though these are among the prime figures on the earth. This gap exhibits that there’s a pressing want for additional types of remedy.

The surgical method is minimally invasive. The device is implanted beneath general anesthetic via two small incisions. One electrode takes the type of an extensive patch on the outside of the heart muscle, whereas the other sites in the ventricle. A small, fully implanted device then emits a microcurrent, stimulates the affected heart muscle and causes it to regenerate.

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