US Intelligence Agency calls this big accusation on Russia, this big thing

America’s secret agency has made serious allegations against Russia. It is to say that the military intelligence unit of Russia offered a reward to the Taliban-linked militants for killing the American army personnel stationed in Afghanistan. Russian military officials have tried to make the terrorists belonging to the Taliban attack the US Army and weaken it.

A month ago, USA had alleged that Russia wants to destabilize the nations of the West. For this reason, the forces which have been deployed there to promote peace, are promoting unrest by attacking them. Earlier this year, Taliban militants were offered prizes for attacking US soldiers in this way.

Officials said that this intelligence was given to US President Donald Trump. After this, the National Security Council of the White House discussed this problem in a meeting in late March. The authorities had prepared a list of possible options keeping these things in mind.

After this kind of information comes out, America has to say that if any such attacks with the Taliban resulted in the deaths of their soldiers, then the war against Russia will be a big extension. Speaking of America that Russia will be given a suitable answer. Cyber ​​attacks will be carried out to create unrest, a strategy will be adopted to destabilize the opponents.

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