Teva’s Planned Opioid Deal May Cost Drug Companies Pennies On Dollar

Teva Pharmaceutical Industry’s proposed $23 billion medicine giveaway to settle thousands of U.S. opioid suits will seemingly cost the corporate a fraction of that figure resulting from how it has valued those medications, in accordance with a review of pricing data and business analysts.

When Teva declared the value of the donated medicine – a generic model of opioid addiction remedy Suboxone – it based the figure on the drug’s list worth, which doesn’t account for vital discounts routinely offered by the drug company.

If, based on the estimated cost to produce the drugs, the value may very well be as low as $1.5 billion, drug pricing consultants and trade analysts say. A Teva spokesperson denied commenting on the cost analysis for generic Suboxone, a mix of buprenorphine and the opioid reversal agent naloxone.

Trades between these companies and four state attorneys general leading the discussions on behalf of their equivalents have focused on a total deal value of some $48 billion, including cash and free medicines.

On Monday, Teva signaled an improvement in discussions over its contribution aimed at immediately helping addiction victims of this central public health crisis. Attorneys general of the four states had agreed on an advanced settlement under which Teva would provide $23 billion worth of generic Suboxone and pay $250 million in cash throughout ten years, the corporate stated.

Teva stated the donated drugs ought to meet most of the currently estimated U.S. patient need for the subsequent decade.

The free medication instead of cash would also assist Teva to avoid including new debt to its balance sheet at a time that it’s struggling to return to growth.

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