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Survey Reveals Women Suffering from Menopausal Take Inappropriate Antidepressants

Based on a survey by a nutritionist, author, and founder of the Women’s Nutritional Advisory Service, Maryon Stewart, around 40% of women reported not seeking help from their doctor to deal with menopause symptoms and nine out of 10 women in the early phases of menopause want to be provided a natural alternative to HRT.e.

Healthcare professional and pioneer of the Natural Menopause Movement Maryon Stewart stated she conducted the survey to reveal the pressing need to “provide more women with better aid and details about their natural, science-based choices when it comes to menopause.”

In total, 1,101 U.K.-based females aged 42-55 years had been surveyed, with the outcomes showing merely three in 10 women are satisfied with the aid and advice on menopause they got from their GP, while 84% of respondents say their physician didn’t sufficiently solve their queries.

Over a third of the women reported being prescribed antidepressants for menopause – despite approximately 80% feeling the treatment was inappropriate for their symptoms. Less than half (41%) had been prescribed HRT, although 14% of those didn’t take it. Among the women who did, more than half reported side-effects, such as continuous bleeding, breast lumps, severe anxiety, and a feeling of being unwell.

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