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Study Suggests How to Reduce Blood Clots for Pregnant Women While Flying

Pregnant air travelers face the next risk of blood clots. Still, they can alleviate dangers by walking airplane aisles, ingesting water, and doing calf exercises, according to brand new evaluation.

For women with extra danger, doctors recommend compression stockings and injectable blood thinners while touring, the authors write in the Journal of Journey Drugs.

“pregnancy, as well as air travel, are danger factors for venous thromboembolism, or a blood clot in the legs or lungs,” said senior writer Dr. Leslie Skeith of the University of Calgary, a member of the CanVECTOR Canadian thrombosis analysis community.

Blood clots affect around one to two per 1,000 nonpregnant women annually and are the third main cause of vascular death after heart attacks and strokes, the authors note.

With over two billion passengers flying annually, about 150,000 cases of travel-associated blood clots are identified yearly.

Long-distance flights tend to increase the chance by three-fold. Still, travel-associated studies either don’t embody pregnant women or only include a small number and don’t immediately investigate how pregnancy will increase the danger.

Skeith and her colleagues review the numerous factors that play into a person’s risk for a blood clot, along with height, weight, latest surgery, pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives, hormone replacement remedy, and a historical family past of clots or diseases that promote clotting.

With pregnancy specifically, they write, the risk is higher because of physiological changes, such as slower blood circulation and blood vessel dilation.

Pelvic blood vessels can also be compressed as the uterus grows. Beginning in early pregnancy, the body starts to become hypercoagulable or extra prone to form blood clots.

Though the average pregnant or postpartum air traveler faces an increased danger of clots, the absolute threat estimation is low at less than 1%, the review discovered.

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