Sale of Coronil and swasaari is no longer banned, but answers to some questions still remain

Yoga guru Ramdev’s Patanjali company launched Corona’s first Ayurvedic drug Coronil as a kit on 23 June. It was claimed to be launched after a clinical trial on Corona patients. However, objections arose when the Ministry of AYUSH stopped the promotion of the drug after 5 hours. After 7 days, today, Ramdev again came in front of the media and said that there is no restriction on his medicines now and will be available in the whole country from today. Understand the complete information related to Ramdev’s corona kit in the questions and answers-

What is in Patanjali’s kit?
It contains three medicines, coronil tablets, inhaled oats and atomic oils. Ramdev claims that coronil contains Giloy, Tulsi and Ashwagandha which increase immunity. Breathing is beneficial in the absence of oxygen in the body. This drug also deals with cold, cough and cold. The oil is put into the nose. Using all three together can eliminate corona infection and prevent epidemics.

What was the dispute?
The central government told Patanjali that the facts of its claim were not known. Provide research information and documents done on the drug and do not promote it until the investigation is complete. Some states including Rajasthan and Maharashtra have also raised objections.

What did Ramdev say now?
All the documents of the clinical control trial have been made available to the Ministry of AYUSH. The Ministry has recognized that Patanjali has done the right thing for the management of Kovid-19. Now there is no disagreement between the two. Our medicines will be sold all over the country. We have also talked to the states.

Is corona treatment possible with Patanjali’s medicines?
Ramdev says that clinical trials were conducted on 95 people aged 15 years to 65 years, including asymptomatic and mild to moderate patients. Of these, 45 patients were given Patanjali medicines. In these, 67% of patients became corona positive in 3 days and 100% in 7 days.

What instruction has the Ministry of AYUSH given to Patanjali?
Ramdev has said that the ministry has prohibited the use of the word cure. Therefore, we will offer our medicines as Covid Management. We do not get into the confusion of words.

What are the side effects of Patanjali’s medicines?
Patanjali CEO Acharya Balakrishna said that our medicines have no side effects.

Answers to these 4 questions were not found.
1. Has the government approved the use of Patanjali’s medicines for Corona patients?
2. What if a patient is not cured with the use of these medicines?
3. How effective are these drugs for patients under 15 years and over 65 years of age?
4. Can people who already have a serious illness take Patanjali medicines to treat corona or not?

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