Research Finds Genetic Links to Human Sexual Conduct, No Gay Gene

An extensive scientific examine into the biological foundation of sexual conduct has confirmed there isn’t a single “gay gene” but that a fancy mix of genetics and surroundings impacts whether an individual has same-sex sexual companions.

The research, which studied data on DNA and sexual experiences from nearly half a million individuals, found there are thousands of genetic variants connected to same-sex sexual conduct, most with minimal results.

Five of the genetic markers were “considerably” associated with same-sex behavior, the researchers stated; however, even these are far from being predictive of an individual’s sexual preferences.

Which means non-genetic factors – like surroundings, upbringing, personality, nurture – are way more important in influencing an individual’s choice of sexual companion, just as with most different nature, behavioral and physical human characteristics, the researchers said.

The study – the most significant of its kind – analyzed responses and performed analyses known as genome-wide affiliation studies (GWAS) on information from over 470,000 individuals who had given DNA samples and lifestyle information to the UK Biobank and the U.S. genetics testing firm 23andMeInc.

Asked why they wanted to conduct such analysis, the group told reporters on a teleconference that earlier research on this subject had mostly been too small to provide firm conclusions.

The outcomes, revealed in the journal Science on Thursday, found no clear patterns among genetic variants that could be used to predict or establish a person’s sexual conduct meaningfully, the researchers stated.

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