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Pearl River County in Mississippi Lacks Basic Mental Healthcare Provisions

For people who find themselves involuntarily committed to psychological health services for disaster stabilization in Pearl River County, the duration between when the court orders them to be determined and after they obtain psychological health services could be as much as 21 days, mentioned Chancery Clerk Melinda Bowman. This has been the scenario for years, Bowman said.

Pearl River County is in area 13 for the Mississippi Division of Psychological Wellbeing—an area that has Harrison County, Hancock County, and Stone County, Bowman stated. District 13 is probably the most populated in Mississippi but only has 16 beds in its Disaster Stabilization Unit.

The CSU is designed to stabilize sufferers in a psychological wellbeing crisis and is run by Gulf Coast Psychological Wellbeing Center in Gulfport.  The county pays $12,000 monthly to the center for all the services they offer. Sometimes sufferers stay in the CSU for three days to two weeks, Bowman stated.

There are fewer psychological healthcare options for people who find themselves being involuntarily committed as a result of non-public facilities are usually not geared up to hold individuals who don’t need to be treated.

These sufferers wait at home with their members of the family for a bed to be vacant on the CSU earlier than they receive any psychological health car. If a patient is suffering from dire conditions, the clerk’s office directs the household to take them to a local hospital. If the affected person is extremely violent, they probably end up in county jail.

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