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Over 90% Women Happy with Their Abortion Decision – Survey

Researchers have discovered that even five years down the line after having an abortion, over 95% of the ladies stated it was a suitable option for them.

Printed in the journal Social Science & Medicine, the research discovered no proof that ladies started to remorse their decisions as years passed.

On the contrary, the women reported that their positive, as well as damaging emotions about abortion, diminished over time. At five years, the overwhelming majority (84%) had both constructive feelings or none at all.

For the findings, the researchers analyzed information from the Turnaway Study, a five-year effort to grasp the wellbeing and socioeconomic consequences for nearly 1,000 women who sought abortions in 21 states across the nation.

The survey included 667 participants who had undergone abortions at the start of the research. The ladies were surveyed a week after they sought care and every six months after that.

Whereas women didn’t report regretting their decision, many did struggle initially to make it.

Over half mentioned the decision to terminate their pregnancy was very troublesome (27%) or somewhat disturbing (27%), while the remaining (46%) stated it was not difficult.

Around 70% reported feeling their communities would stigmatize them if people knew that they had sought an abortion, with 29% showing low levels and 31% reporting high levels of community stigma.

Those who struggled with their choices or felt stigmatized were more likely to experience disappointment, guilt, and anger shortly after abortion practice.

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