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One in Four Australians Complain Psychological Distress, New Study Reveals

There’s been a substantial increase in psychological distress among youngsters, a new report has found, like body image issues, school pressures, domestic violence, and bullying take a heavy toll on young individuals.

A new joint report by the Black Dog Institute and Mission Australia finds that one in four youngsters aged 15 to 19 say they’re experiencing mental well-being challenges, with girls twice as more likely to undergo difficulties than boys.

The findings come after 27,000 young folks had been tracked in a national survey last year. The levels of psychological illness amongst young individuals have grown from 18% seven years ago to 24% now. Mental health issues have been as high as 32% for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teenagers.

Black Dog Institute Director Helen Christensen stated it was unclear why mental health issues among younger folks had risen significantly, however, younger individuals reported that schoolwork stress, domestic violence, body image issues, bullying, and concerns about suicide as principal stressors.

Nineteen-year-old Tasya Watts knows how troublesome coping with mental well-being issues could be. She was diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder when she was 15, and a year later, she developed PTSD after witnessing a crime.

These days, Tasya practices mindfulness and meditation, as well as seeing a psychologist regularly. She does volunteer work caring for children and helping families dealing with issues, which she says keeps her mental health better.

Mission Australia CEO James Toomey stated there was a pressing need to analyze the reason for young people’s distress and spend money on frontline services.

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