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Netherlands, Estonia and Nordics to Guide eHealth Adoption and Use

The world has always looked at the Nordics as a force for driving much of the innovation that’s taking place these days, and the situation is no different in digital wellbeing, based on new research from HIMSS, in cooperation with McKinsey, published today.

Supported by international administration consulting agency McKinsey & Company, it reveals that the Netherlands and the Nordics continue to be seen as “position models” for the adoption and use of eHealth in Europe, based on the answers of over 500 professionals in the region.

However, Estonia has swapped places with Denmark. It is now perceived to be the leading eHealth nation in Europe, following the launch of an initiative that enables EU residents to retrieve medicine prescribed electronically by doctors in Finland in Estonian pharmacies via the new eHealth Digital Service Infrastructure.

Regardless of development being made, findings indicate that eHealth professionals in Europe continue to battle with many of the difficulties seen in different areas around the globe, from the shortage of funding or political direction to poor interoperability.

The shortage of expert staff is another concern for all of the stakeholder groups surveyed. Jörg Studzinski, director of analysis and advisory services at HIMSS Analytics, stated workforce development must be a priority for each organization in a separate interview.

IT security, EMR implementation, and bettering patients’ access to data are seen as top priorities for the next 12 months, though the outcomes vary based on every nation’s level of digital maturity.

In keeping with the study, an enhance in AI-based options and the provision of more personalized medical or preventative companies is also anticipated.

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