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Mother of Four Wins Over Mental Health Problems to Become Bodybuilder

Mum-of-four Samantha Brander fought with borderline personality dysfunction and anxiety and at one level attempted to take her life.

However, she placed all of her fights behind her last week when she participated in one of Scotland’s best bodybuilding events.

Twelve months ago she was an undeserving, weak bakery worker at Bayne’s in Alva. Now, she is hired as a trainer at the MXP health club in Stirling and trains every week to achieve the body required for bodybuilding events.

Samantha, who has type 1 diabetes, admits that before getting serious about bodybuilding she would binge on takeaways, candies, and crisps; however, she modified her way of life and slimmed down from greater than 13 stone at her heaviest to only eight stone.

After taking to the level at the BNBF bodybuilding competition in Perth earlier this month, she mentioned: “After struggling for years, last year I made up my mind to take on the problem to try triumph over my demons and train to participate in a bodybuilding pageant on a stage in entrance of a hall filled with people.

“I spent years hiding my psychological well being. In 2014 I attempted to take my very own lifestyles, which no longer many understand. I was at some extent that I felt I couldn’t lift on, and I’ve worked challenging to try to get on top of my mental well being; however, I always got dragged back.

“Then I discovered that workout helped my moods, it lifted me up when I felt down. There were days when I couldn’t cope up and wouldn’t go, or days I went and had to leave.”

In March 2018 she signed up with Gregg Thompson at GPT  Training, after staring on the growth made by a loved one who sought help from him.

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