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Mayo Clinic President Halamka Says New Cloud Approach Hold Promising Results

As healthcare groups get more comfortable with the concept of cloud migration, many hospitals and health systems are discovering that the security demands of this new model are completely different than they may have anticipated.

As Dr. John Halamka, the new president of Mayo Clinic Platform, noted, “Maybe 80% of what a traditional IT or cybersecurity person knows today is irrelevant when shifting to the cloud. It’s successfully an entirely new job.”

Mayo Clinic and Google recently signed a major new 10-year deal that may see the Minnesota health system hosting its data with Google Cloud – which, in turn, will assist Mayo’s clinicians and researchers develop an order of cloud and machine learning instruments to help resolve a variety of complex well-being challenges.

Amy Waldron, director of Google Cloud Healthcare & Life Sciences, spoke at the Healthcare Security Forum. And she provided an update of what Google is doing to assist in making the cloud a safer choice for healthcare groups of all sizes and shapes.

The cloud is offering massive opportunities, “for secure partnership, for scalability and more computation energy,” she added. “That is permitting the industry to unravel issues that have by no means been solved before.”

Furthermore, that method is well-suited to help handle the demands of a more and more advanced healthcare data ecosystem, Waldron defined.

Whether helping from an infrastructure standpoint, enabling higher security monitoring, and even with some of the approaches to de-identification required to maintain HIPAA compliance, the cloud is well-positioned to assist healthcare organizations in adjusting to this new system of opportunity.

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