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Last Pot Smoke to Create Problems for American Drivers

One toke for the street could end up being a bummer for drivers who smoke pot, with several corporations in America preparing to market cannabis breathalyzers as approved marijuana spreads across the nation.

Law enforcement companies will require breathalyzers to detect marijuana as they’re “faced with the need of stopping more and more motor autos being operated under the influence of THC,” stated Brett Meade, a retired police head and a senior program manager for Washington situated non-profit group the Police Foundation.

Almost a dozen U.S. states enable recreational marijuana consumption, and 33 states permit pot for medical use. However, all states forbid driving under the influence of marijuana.

Oakland, California-based Hound Labs is likely one of the firms creating a breathalyzer to detect THC – the component in marijuana that will get people high – and plans to promote it in 2020.

Development corporations may very well be a large part of its marketplace, stated Hound Labs Chief Executive Officer Mike Lynn.

Lynn, a physician, mentioned pregnancy tests, which may detect minute quantities of a hormone, inspired him to tackle the problem of measuring THC on users’ breath.

Separately, Cannabix Technologies, based in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby, is testing a couple of gadgets at different value points.

Its THC Breath Analyzer could be reasonable enough at several hundred dollars per unit to potentially enable parents interested in testing their youth before turning over the keys to the family automobile, mentioned Cannabix CEO Rav Mlait.

The U.S. court would need to think about how to deal with evidence from THC breathalyzers.

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