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Experts Say AI Will Drastically Transform Predictive Analysis, Payment Issues and Consumerism

2019 showed that artificial intelligence (AI) has an instrumental role to play in the healthcare trade. From clinical use-cases to operational efforts, AI can enhance care, gain efficiencies, and improve the experience, many forward-looking healthcare provider organizations have shown.

Many health IT consultants say that AI is going to have a bigger role to play in healthcare this year as the advanced technology continues to mature in the trade.

Three well being IT experts talk about places where AI can make advances this year.

Salucro CEO Clayton Bain expects to see a rise in the adoption of AI-as-a-service by many of the bigger health systems, particularly as Amazon, Apple, and Google continue to develop their footprint in healthcare and suppliers prepare to compete, Bain added.

Salucro, a healthcare monetary information techniques vendor, is betting that 2020 will bring some transformative adjustments to the healthcare market by means of artificial intelligence (AI).

PointClickCare, a senior care information know-how vendor, points out that research shows that a cost nurse’s role is more complicated than an air traffic controller’s task, and those that work in the healthcare discipline understand why.

While this technology has been slower to undertake in the healthcare space, its impact continues to expand.

Steven Auerbach, CEO of Alegeus, an HSA information technology distributor, says that this year AI will drastically transform how consumers manage their healthcare funds, delivering the most value for every greenback spent or saved.

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