American Patients Are Buying Diabetes Medications on Black Market

Diabetes drugs and blood-test supplies are sold, traded, and donated on black markets because the U.S. healthcare system isn’t meeting sufferers’ needs, a study exhibits.

In a survey, about half of the people who participated in these underground exchanges said they do it since they lack entry to the correct medications and supplies to control their diabetes, researchers publish in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology.

The worth of insulin continues to extend, translating to $15 per day for the average patient, the study authors note. The latest analysis signifies that one in four individuals with diabetes rations their insulin due to cost, they add.

In early 2019, the researchers surveyed over 150 individuals who have been involved in online diabetes communities, together with patients and caregivers. They requested questions about underground exchange actions, access to healthcare, and issue in purchasing diabetes objects from standard sources.

Over half of the survey contributors stated that they had donated medications or provides, 35% received donations, 24% traded drugs, 22% borrowed items, and 15% bought devices.

These exchanges happened among households, associates, co-workers, online acquaintances, and strangers.

Overall, individuals who reported financial stress due to diabetes management have been six times extra more likely to engage in underground exchanges and three times more likely to receive donations.

Contributors who donated drugs felt compelled to give because they knew about the urgent need of others, the research authors note.

These respondents described a sense of duty and obligation to help.

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