Acupuncture Methods for Diabetes

Acupuncture helps weight loss and reduces blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes patients. Sanming County Hospital of Integrated Medicine researchers of (Fujian) manage a medical trial of overweight

Patients newly discover with type 2 diabetes. They terminate that acupuncture treatment, in addition to procedure care, is more successful in promoting healthy weight loss and improved blood chemistry than routine care monotherapy.

A total of 124 number of patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned to receive either acupuncture plus routine care or routine care alone. The acupuncture group was the embrace of 36 male and 26 female patients with age of 60.8 years and a mean BMI (body mass index) of 29.8. The control group contained 38 male and 24 female patients with an imply age of 61.5 and a mean BMI of 29.7.

For inclusion in the research, patients were required to meet the WHO (World Health Organization) diagnostic guidelines for type 2 diabetes, have been diagnosed within the previous month, have received no other treatments for diabetes, and have a BMI over 28. Exclusion criteria were stress associated complications, severe kidney or liver dysfunction, blood pressure over 160/100 mmHg, glycated hemoglobin levels over 8.6%, and fasting glucose levels over ten mmol/L. All patients were approved for the examination by the hospital ethics committee and gave informed consent to participate.

All volunteers received routine care for diabetic patients, including the first-line antidiabetic drug metformin (one tablet daily) and lifestyle advice. The recommended lifestyle changes included reducing calorie intake by approximately half, for three months. Food intake was reduced gradually by almost one fifth during the first month and another one fifth during the second and third months.

Patients were inspired to increase their physical activity levels, in starting stage with 15 minutes of walking, three times each week during each month. During the second and third of months, this was increased to a half-hour of walking, twice a day, five times each week.

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