Beyoncé wants to save the world with a summer anthem and a reprieve from the times

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Beyoncé wants to save the world with a summer anthem and a reprieve from the times

Break My Soul, Beyoncé’s summertime song is more than just a call to the dance floor. In a period that has been characterized by COVID, conflict, and economic precarity, it is a plea for healing and hope. BUSACCA, Larry — PW1/GETTY IMAGES

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Beyoncé’s soul might not be shattered, but yesterday when she made her debut on TikTok with a love letter to her followers in classic Beyoncé fashion, she almost broke the platform.

In anticipation of Renaissance, the megastar has been fanning fan frenzy. Renaissance is her much-awaited first solo studio album since Lemonade in 2016. On July 1, the complete album will be released.

Beyoncé wants to save the world with a summer anthem and a reprieve from the times

The debut track, “Break My Soul,” was unannouncedly published on June 20 and has already turned into an anthem for the current, tumultuous era. In a previous interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said, “With all the isolation and unfairness over the last year, I think we are all eager to leave, travel, fall in love, and laugh again. “I see a renaissance forming, and I want to help nurture that escape in any way I can,” the speaker said. It’s a skillfully crafted plea to join the dance floor and save ourselves.

It is explained by Larisha Paul in a Billboard article. “Beyoncé sings the benefits of fresh starts brought on by inspiration, redemption, and laying firmer foundations. But communicated within the lyric is an understanding that someone is listening somewhere who probably needs to hear these sentiments the most, someone counting down the hours to the next time they can indulge in a night of full bodies. Earlier on the record, she taps into her role as a vessel, recounting falling in love and quitting the nine-to-five job that kept her up at night.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be shocking that Beyoncé’s premiere TikTok video features a group of dancers who are both fans and TikTok creators and who use their voices and motions to express the song’s message of redemption. The result is a great prolonged snapshot of joy, resiliency, and camaraderie, and she naturally thought to include the TikTok creators in the comments. (Cardi B will also make a cameo appearance.) “Watching y’all unleash the wiggle made me so happy,” she said. “I’m very grateful for everyone’s support of BREAK MY SOUL. – Love B.”

I anticipate that Beyoncé’s legacy as an artist, collaborator, marketer, community builder, truth teller, business leader, justice seeker, and an unparalleled reader of the culture room will include the spectacle around the impending album as another chapter.

One of the realities revealed by the beat is that most people cannot afford the luxury of escaping the nine to five. While it’s true that some Beyhive fans believed Beyoncé had granted them a particular type of license to join a Resignation already underway, for so many disadvantaged employees who were formerly overlooked but have since become vital due to the epidemic, giving up the grind is not an option. She prescribes a reminder that power is a choice if the music serves as a mirror to our collective suffering. I won’t be the job, but I’ll do it. So excuse me when I leave you and the system you design in the past, if only for a little while.

However, as the queen challenges us to momentarily embrace a more liberated version of ourselves, it’s equally important to consider the countless people—many of whose names we may never know—who long ago contributed to the struggle for a future-ready to receive Beyoncé in all her glory. I came upon one such individual who had been all but forgotten, and the incredible podcast I’m about to suggest sheds light on their life and battle for equality in music and beyond. I’m sure there are a tonne more. They would probably be blatant Beyoncé fanatics, in my opinion. I like to see them dancing, their spirits intact, confident that the effort was worthwhile.

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