A special weather statement in effect for 3 regions in the area

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A special weather statement is a type of weather advisory (SAME event code SPS). The National Weather Service (NWS) of the United States and the Canadian Meteorological Service both publish Special Weather Statements (the MSC). In neither nation are there any predetermined requirements for specific weather statements.

A special weather statement in effect for 3 regions in the area


For potential fire weather circumstances, such as an increased danger, special weather statements may also be released. They may even be issued for potential snowfall or rain. To provide updates on the present weather, Special Weather Statements may occasionally be released; however, a Short Term Forecast may also do so.

When a weather occurrence is unexpected, causes widespread annoyance, or raises public concern and cannot be effectively explained in a meteorological prediction, the MSC will publish a Special Weather Statement. Widespread occurrences like Arctic outflows, Alberta clippers, coastal fog banks, potential thunderstorm formation zones, and powerful winds like chinooks and fewer suites winds are a few examples. They are written loosely and may include current cautions.

The first hot event of the season is anticipated on Monday, prompting Environment Canada to issue a special weather advisory for the London area. The meteorological service has issued a heat advisory for Monday into Tuesday for the cities of London, Parkhill, Eastern and Western Middlesex County, Komoka, and Strathroy. According to Environment Canada, several places will see temperatures that are close to 30C, with a brief fall into the mid to high teens at night. There won’t be any relief from the heat on Tuesday with maximum temperatures in the low 30s and lowest temperatures in the low 20s in many places. Wednesday’s temperatures are predicted to drop.

Sunny on Monday. High 30. 37 Humidex UV intensity 10 or higher.

Clear on Monday night. Tonight there is little wind. Low 19.

Sunny on Tuesday. changing in the afternoon to a combination of sun and clouds. High 31. 36 Humidex UV intensity 10 or higher.

Cloudy on Wednesday with a 60% chance of showers. High 23.

a sunny day with a high of 21.

Sunny. High 21 on Friday.

For news regarding a Thunderstorm warning issued for Vance, Granville, and Warren Co. or Magnitude 4.6 earthquake rattles Ridgecrest you can visit our page.

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