Ivana Trump, former President Donald Trump’s ex-wife, dies at 73

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Ivana Trump, a Czech immigrant who initially wed Donald Trump amid his ascent to prominence as a celebrity and real estate billionaire in the 1980s, passed dead suddenly on July 14 at her Manhattan home. She was the mother of Donald Trump’s three eldest children. She had just turned 73 years old at the time.

The former president announced her death in a statement on Truth Social, the social media site he created.

Two police officials with knowledge of the event said that when officers arrived at Mrs Trump’s East 64th St. home near Central Park in response to an emergency call at around 12:40 p.m., they discovered her lying unconscious on a stairwell. She has pronounced dead right away. The New York Police Department’s detectives looked, but they were unable to locate any evidence of forced entry or any outward indications of trauma that would have pointed to criminal activity.

The attorney general’s office for New York City will reportedly look into the possibility that she could have passed away after tumbling down many stairs. Mrs. Trump was a professional skier in her native Czechoslovakia before going on to become a model in Canada and New York. Throughout their 13-year marriage, she referred to her husband as “the Donald.” There are many different stories about how they first connected, but she claimed in her 1995 biography “The Best Is Yet to Come” that he “wasn’t renowned” and “wasn’t enormously wealthy” at the time.

In her 2017 biography, “Raising Trump,” Mrs. Trump recounted that they went to a ski resort in Aspen, Colorado, at some time during their relationship.

It was an alluring cabin, she said. “I was aware that Donald chose it with me in mind. Although I have a strong romantic tendency and am a realist, I can also see the moon and the sky. If the moon were on Donald’s chest, he wouldn’t see it.

Nevertheless, a prenuptial agreement and a three-carat Tiffany diamond ring served to symbolize their engagement. Ivana scowled at a provision requiring her to return any gifts received from her spouse after the marriage ended. She was finally permitted to retain any apparel or presents. Roy Cohn, a longstanding advisor to Donald Trump and his legal team, drafted at least four contracts before the final one was finished.

Following their wedding on April 7, 1977, Donald and Ivana Trump rose to prominence as one of New York’s most prominent power couples, frequently appearing in tabloids and enjoying a social presence that grew with the Trump business empire. They had three kids by 1984: Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.

Mrs. Trump participated actively in her husband’s company throughout their marriage, even while their kids were little. She joined the Trump business as a vice president in 1979 and was put in charge of designing the interiors of several of her husband’s buildings. Donald Trump first purchased a home in Greenwich, Connecticut, in 1984. A year later, he spent $10 million to buy the Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Donald Trump ordered his architect to provide a second apartment for his family when Trump Tower was being built in case his marriage ended. The Trump family moved into the new skyscraper in 1984, taking up residence in a 53-room, three-story penthouse with his-and-her bathrooms made of dark brown marble for Donald Trump and transparent pink onyx for Ivana.

Along with these businesses, Mrs. Trump also embellished the Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City. Shortly after Donald Trump purchased the Plaza Hotel in New York in 1988 for more than $400 million, she was named its president. She was paid $1 per year in addition to having access to any haute-couture attire she desired, which might have cost up to $500,000 annually.

By all accounts, Mrs. Trump played a significant part in bringing the dilapidated property back to its former splendor. Her flamboyant design style eventually came to represent the extravagant opulence seen in many Trump structures.

In “Raising Trump,” Mrs. Trump stated that “if everything could be leafed in gold or upholstered in damask, it was.” It was the 1980s, and I was into excessive glamour at the time. While on holiday in Aspen in 1989, Mrs. Trump confronted her husband about stories she had heard about his liaison with younger model Marla Maples. She instructed a buddy to spread the news that “I love my spouse very much” at lunch.

Melania Trump took offense when Mrs. Trump referred to herself as the “first Mrs.” in an ABC TV interview after Donald Trump was elected president in 2016.

The ex’s address, according to a statement from the White House, had “obviously no content” and was “just attention-seeking and self-serving nonsense.”

After She stated, “Donald was not a dog fan. “He responded, “No,” when I informed him I was taking Chappy to New York.

It’s either me and Chappy or nobody! When I insisted, that was it.

Chappy “had an equal disdain of Donald,” she wrote.

Despite their acrimonious split, she remained in touch with Donald Trump and, according to both of them, actively counseled him during his 2016 campaign for president as well as on the occasion when he was in the White House.

In 2016, she stated, “I provide a few suggestions.” “He asks me what I think during our conversations before and after the performances.” She claimed that despite her instructions to “be more tranquil,” “Donald cannot be calm.”

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