Chick-fil-A honors Morristown woman and loyal fan

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If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you might have seen a post that has moved many people to tears.

Beth Ann Smith wrote about her recently deceased grandma. She mentioned how getting a peach milkshake from Chick-fil-A was her grandmother’s favorite summertime activity. With her grandma, Faye Rogers, Smith claims she has many wonderful memories.

“The first thing about my grandma that comes to me is how, when my grandfather passed away when I was six, playing with flour would always cheer me up when I felt down or discouraged or missed him. Smith remembered, “She would set me on the kitchen counter with a bag of flour and some measuring cups and simply let me play until I was happy. Smith said that Faye, her grandmother, was one of four kids.


Chick-fil-A honors Morristown woman and loyal fan

She remarked, “Her older sister Merle produced wonderful handmade peach ice cream.”

According to her, that was the benchmark for their family and nothing else could match. At least until Chick-fil-A started serving summer goodies. “After we found Chick-fil-peach A’s milkshakes, every time my grandma would take a huge gulp, she would comment, “It’s like sipping merle’s ice cream through a straw,” Smith said.

The previous year, she had simply requested that for her birthday.
We sent her a cake and flowers to commemorate her 97th birthday on July 28 of last year, but she didn’t seem to care. She sipped the milkshake we put in front of her and was happy, Smith added. Without realizing it, Beth Ann took a picture of her grandma enjoying a milkshake, one of the final times she would get to do so.

When Chick-fil-A announced the peach milkshake will be back this summer, she shared the identical image on their Facebook page. Smith got a package of gift cards from Chick-fil-A in exchange, allowing her to purchase as many milkshakes as she wanted.

Smith remarked, “I was blown away that someone would go that additional mile. A printed image of her grandma enjoying a peach milkshake was displayed in a peach-colored frame at the bottom of the box. The day after she passed away, Smith said, “I was truly missing her so much that I believed there were no amount of flowers in the world that could make me not miss her as much today.”

She might be able to feel more connected to her grandma this summer if there are enough peach milkshakes, though. The end of July will mark the 98th birthday of Faye Rogers. The post had received over 18,000 shares as of July 4.

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