Ana de Armas says attention she faced while with ex Ben Affleck was ‘horrible’

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It appears that Ana de Armas would like to maintain her reputation as a big-screen actress.

The “Knives Out” actress recently said that she left Los Angeles because she had to deal with “awful” attention when dating ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck.

De Armas began acting at the age of 14 in her native Cuba before relocating to Spain, where, according to Elle, she primarily played television parts. The Oscar-nominated “Knives Out,” which was released in 2019, featured the 34-year-old as Marta Cabrera. She didn’t go to Los Angeles until she was 26 years old.

In May 2020, De Armas uploaded pictures with Affleck on her birthday, officially announcing their relationship on Instagram. Affleck, 49, did the same. The “Deep Water” co-stars reportedly called it quits by January 2021, according to reports.

De Armas has since discovered contentment in New York City and new strategies for avoiding close inspection. She makes sure to keep her personal life confidential by not Googling herself.

She said to the magazine, “I deactivated Twitter years ago. I’ve only been using Instagram for a little over a year. They were sharing quarantines and going on PDA-heavy walks by the spring of 2020. Even on de Armas’ Instagram account, Affleck made cameos, most of which have since been deleted. But on April 30, 2020, the day after turning 32, he can be heard in the background of a video she shared of herself hitting a pinata.

By May 2020, De Armas had met Affleck’s children from a previous relationship, and they had bought a life-sized cutout of Jennifer Garner to place in their father’s yard. She gave him a bespoke motorcycle for his 48th birthday in August of the same year, according to People.

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