Zhou Guanyu’s car flips over tire barrier in huge F1 crash

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Silverstone, england — the British Grand Prix became suspended before the give-up of the first lap after huge collisions concerning more than one driver at the pit instantly ended in zhou guanyu’s alfa romeo ending up on the incorrect facet of the tire barriers at flip 1.

Emergency crews were without delay in attendance, with zhou and williams driver alex albon being taken to the clinical centre. Both had been cleared of primary injuries and released from coventry sanatorium after precautionary exams.

A replay confirmed pierre gasly being pinched among george russell on one facet and zhou on the alternative, with contact between gasly and russell pitching the mercedes of russell into zhou’s alfa romeo.

The strength of the second effect rolled zhou’s car, sending it the wrong way up through the run-off region before it barrel-rolled over the limitations, only to be stopped by the seize fence in front of a grandstand.

Zhou later said method one’s halo cockpit protection “stored my lifestyles”.

The halo changed into delivered in f1 in advance of the 2018 season however turned into debatable, with many traditionalists because it turned into this kind of big step away from the unprotected appearance of automobiles.

The power of the second impact rolled zhou’s car, sending it upside down via the run-off region earlier than it barrel-rolled over the barriers, only to be stopped with the aid of the seize fence in the front of a grandstand.

Zhou later stated components one’s halo cockpit safety “saved my lifestyles”.

The halo changed into added in f1 ahead of the 2018 season but become debatable, with many traditionalists as it became this sort of massive step away from the unprotected appearance of motors.

The device probably stored charles leclerc from a critical harm at that yr’s belgian grand prix and has been credited for saving
Drivers in several other incidents, together with romain grosjean’s fireball crash at the 2020 bahrain grand prix.

Quickly after the collisions the race turned into red-flagged because the leaders headed onto the wellington directly, suspending the race.
Separate to the collisions, protesters also broke onto the track further spherical the lap.



The race changed into restarted at 3:56 p.M. Neighborhood time.

Simply moments after zhou’s crash, albon turned into worried in a separate incident, while he hit the brakes for the initial crash and sebastian vettel piled into the returned of his williams. The collision pushed Albon into the pit wall earlier than he rebounded back onto the track and collided with Yuki Tsunoda and Esteban Ocon.

Tsunoda, Ocon and Gasly had been capable of holding and returned to the pits, at the same time as zhou, albon and russell had been out of the race immediately.

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