Elon Musk welcomed twins with top exec just before 2nd child with Grimes was born

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Elon Musk recently hit the news, replying back on Twitter for secretly welcoming twin babies with his neural link executive shivon zilis. The couple had filed in court to change the last names of the babies, then twitted on Twitter saying “Doing my best for the population crisis”. He also said “I hope you have big families and congrats to those who already do!” Seems like Elon is planning to start a civilization on Mars as he tweeted ” The population on mars is zero people” right after this came to light.

This was just before he welcomed his daughter with grimes in November 2021. Grimes also said back then Elon loves to have more children. so what do you think folks?

who is shivon zilis?


Shivon Zilli’s graduated from Yale, then started to work at IBM. She later started a start-up as the founding member of Bloomberg Beta, making system-mastering startups. Zilis moved directly to neuralink, working as a venture director inside the office of the CEO.

zillis joined OpenAI in 2014 and became a board member by 2016, while Elon left in 2018. she worked for Elon’s tesla company designing chip sets and auto-pilot models from then. In 2020, zilis published a tweet defending musk on his selection to transport tesla out of California over covid-19 restrictions. Whilst California country assembly member, lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, had tweeted ‘f**k Elon musk’, Zilis spoke back via tweeting “this makes me unhappy. No person’s ideal but I have by no means met all of us who goes thru greater personal ache to combat for an inspiring destiny for humanity – and has accomplished so tirelessly for decades. Every person is entitled to their opinion however mine is that there’s no one I respect and admire extra.

Nobody actually gave it any attention back then, but now it seems all connected.  reports say that they meet at an AI conference; this might be true too, cause she seems to be interested in Ai and mechanics as her Twitter and Instagram bios say.

shivon’s  Instagram account, @shivonzilis, was private and had more than 1,000 followers; it is nowhere to be seen now. seems like she deleted it after the news of twin babies came out. her Twitter account seems to be active while there was seen activity in july 3. the babies were born in Texas, as the sixth page of the report says, and the judge of the court in Austin approved the babies to have their fathers’ last name and mother’s middle name.

The CEO of SpaceX and co-founder of Paypal is a father of 10 children now. With kai, Vivian, Saxon, Damian, X AE AXII, and EXA musk, the twin names are un-unknown.

where Nevada came out as transgender in 2022 and filed a petition to be not related to musk in any shape or form.

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