Body-double for Outer Banks star Chase Stokes killed in horrific hit-and-run after being hit by TWO cars while walking along South Carolina highway at night

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The  22-year-old stand-in for the Netflix show  Outer Banks was found dead on the streets of South Carolina. Police confirmed it to be a hit-and-run accident at 2 am in the morning near Charleston, South Carolina.

Alexander “AJ” Jennings, had recently shifted from New York to Charleston to work as a double/stand-in for actor Chase Stokes, when he was struck to death by two cars in a hit-and-run between 2 am to 3 am on July 5. The incident clearly was not on the sets or near the sets as many think.

As the  Sheriff says, Alex got hit by one vehicle first and he escaped, while the other also drove through him and left.  He might have got major injuries after being hit for the second time and passed out nearly by 3:13 am due to the injuries. They also said he could have gotten through it if the second did not happen. The report says, the second driver was pulled in by traffic police in the streets much later in the incident but was not charged for anything.

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The death of alexander aj Jennings was officially confirmed by Kimmie Stewart Casting, who is also a crew member of the Netflix show Outer Banks. “It is with great sadness that I share on Tuesday Alexander “AJ” Jennings’ mother informed me of his tragic death”.

 AJ was a beautiful, kind soul and a bright light on set every day.

Stewart shared on Facebook. The entire cast and crew members were deeply stuck knowing that their young crew member was struck to death by two cars and fled the scene later. The actor chase stokes was deeply moved by the incident of his stunt double and shared a tribute to Alex J on his Instagram page.

“I cannot understand what is happening around us”. I woke up to the tragic news of our bright-souled crew member  AJ’s sudden loss and we stand with his family and friends at this difficult time. I can understand how it feels; Alex was an easy-going soul, and every cast and crew member loved him from his first day. It will definitely be hard to know that he is no more to pass his kindness.

Filming for Season 3 of Outer Banks is going on location near  Charleston, which was started earlier this year. The show follows a group of North Carolina teenagers who are obsessed with a treasure map that allows them to uncover a series of surprising events from a startling small-town mystery. The show was a huge success when it premiered on Netflix in April 2020. The second season came out last July.

In December, Netflix announced that the show would be returning for a third season, which began filming in February. So depending on the latest consequences, they might stop the shoot for a few days, maybe until chase strokes find a body double, let us hope it happens soon.

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