Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 109

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The outcome of the world will be revealed in Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 109. Sakshi took advantage of Rokuro’s control over yin energy. Without the aid of Yuto Ijika, she devised a method for performing Hertical Taizan Fukui. She appeared willing to go to any length to carry out the ritual, but it would require the sacrifice of multiple people.


The twin sister of Sakanshi and Kamui will now make every effort to thwart them in the upcoming chapter. They’ll come up with a strategy to go back in time and stop them there. It will be intriguing to see if their plan is successful. Furthermore, if they attempt to stop Rokuro, things will turn bad. To learn more, continue reading.


What Will Take Place Next in Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 109?

Sakshi will devise a strategy to eliminate Kegare for good. To stop Sakanshi and Rokuro, Komui Suzuki and her twin sister will devise a plan to travel through time using an Interlayer transporter. However, they will first develop a strategy to manage Rokuro. They must free him from the yin energy that is in control of him. Any mistake could result in Rokuro’s death, so they must act carefully. They must also prevent them from carrying out the Heretical Taizan Fukun ritual.

Thus, Sakanshi’s twin sister and Kamui will return to the time when Sakanshi and Rokuro were preparing to use their yin energy by traveling to the world of humans. They’ll fight, and since they’re stronger than they anticipated, Kamui and Sakanshi’s twin sister will find it challenging to win. They’ll lose the conflict and come up with a new strategy. This time, Kamui will request assistance from Sakanshi’s family. To seek assistance from Kegare, they will travel across the ocean and toward the Abyss.

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 109: Release Date

An even release schedule is used by Twin Star Exorcists. Every 26 days, brand-new chapters are published. Chapter 109 will now be available on July 3, 2022. Viz Media will have it for sale. The future of the world will finally become clear. Follow along. You’ll receive updates from The Anime Daily.

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