Seegene develops PCR test to detect monkeypox virus

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Monkeypox virus is the name of the virus that causes monkeypox in humans and other animals. It belongs to the genus Orthopoxvirus and the family Poxviridae. The monkeypox virus, including the variola, cowpox, and vaccinia viruses, is among the human orthopoxviruses.

Monkeypox virus transmission from person to person can take place in three different ways: directly through infected skin lesions or mucocutaneous lesions, indirectly through contaminated objects or materials (also known as fomite transmission), or by respiratory droplets (and perhaps short-range aerosols).

Fever, headache, muscular pains, enlarged lymph nodes, and a rash that resembles pimples or blisters are some of the signs of monkeypox. Some people in this outbreak have simply experienced a rash, with no accompanying symptoms, and occasionally the rash has only been a few lesions.

Recently, The leading MDx company in South Korea has developed a PCR test to identify the monkeypox virus. The NovaplexTM MPXV Assay, which accurately targets the monkeypox virus, was developed quickly by the business using its SGDDS (Seegene Digitalized Development Method) AI-based automated test development system.

The monkeypox virus is a “rising health hazard that deserves undivided attention and concerted response,” according to the World Health Organization, which advises its member countries to step up surveillance, inquiries, and testing. Monkeypox virus detection has been recorded in more than 50 nations, and South Korea confirmed its first epidemic last week. With a predicted fatality rate of between 3 and 6%, the strain that is now circulating in the Northern Hemisphere is especially dangerous for children and those with compromised immune systems.

Since medicines are most effective when an infection is detected early, as is the case with many infectious diseases, accurate diagnosis is crucial. Quick PCR testing is crucial, especially for patients who have a suspected illness, given that the monkeypox virus can incubate for anywhere between five and 21 days.

The NovaplexTM MPXV Assay can identify if a patient has the monkeypox virus in 90 minutes. The company rapidly built the gadget to aid in halting the spread around the globe. Seegene will make the testing available to countries that have discovered the virus.

The outbreak of the monkeypox virus “demonstrates that endemic viruses may fast extend to the rest of the globe and is a caution that new pandemics can occur and harm our lives at any time,” states Dr Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO of Seegene. According to the statement, “We will continue to develop techniques which can accurately detect any virus to help halt new viral infections from dispersing and becoming pandemics.”

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