One Punch Man Chapter 167

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A well-known manga and anime from the twenty-first century are called One Punch Man. It has some of the most visually stunning fight scenes ever made, as well as top-notch character design and artwork. One Punch Man Chapter 167’s release has been eagerly awaited by the vast majority of fans. Will the scheduled release date be met? Let me tell you:

Our sources indicate that the first or last Saturday of each month is frequently when new chapters are released. For the upcoming few weeks, One Punch Man will be on hiatus. On July 7, 2022, One Punch Man Chapter 167 will be published.


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One Punch Man Chapter 167 Spoilers

There haven’t yet been any Chapter 167 spoilers revealed. Once they do, we’ll update this article. As a result, pay attention to this article. The spoilers will be accessible in a day or two because there won’t be a break this week.

Let’s talk about some fan theories and forecasts for the future in the interim.

The most recent chapter leaves many doors open and plenty of room for theories. We will be watching a multi-dimensional fight thanks to Blast’s addition to it. Murata could take any of the following routes:

We are aware of Blast’s attempts to transport or even trap Garou in another dimension. He has been unsuccessful, though, because he is attempting to transfer only Garou, which would be inconsistent with the storyline. He might therefore attempt to move himself and Garou to prevent the earth from collapsing.

The second possibility is that Blast sent all three of them to a different dimension. However, Garou has stated that Blast is not even worth his attention right now, so he is not even interested in fighting him. He was already defeated by Garou.

Before their punches collide, Blast could send Saitama and Garou to a different dimension. Furthermore, Blast might surprise Garou because he is concentrating on Saitama. By doing this, Blast will have more time to develop a more workable strategy.

Blasts also considered moving everyone to a different location, perhaps a different dimension. Because of this, if he decides to go with our last scenario, it will give him time to act and protect the planet while he decides what to do with Garou’s “Divine Energy.”

Finally, we have a Saitama who takes himself seriously. Given that Garou killed his cherished disciple in the previous chapter, we might get to see him exerting all of his strength there. None of us is prepared to say goodbye to him, so we can only hope that Dr. Kuseno saves him as he always has.

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