Many Men Prioritize Playing Video Games, Drinking Over Good Sleep

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Sleep is a key factor for good health. Staying up for whole nights playing video games or chilling with dudes might do good for your mental health not physically. In fact, a new survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine finds that 75% stay up the whole night playing video games and 62% of men say they can sleep no more due to alcohol or energy drinks.


In recent decades, the video games (VGs) industry has expanded to the point of becoming one of the largest multimedia economic activities in the world. Mainly thanks to technological evolution and graphics to make one addicted to playing video games. of course, I’m a sucker for gaming too. I still remember the cheat codes of GRAND THIEF AUTO VICE CITY. I feel nostalgic now, But everything needs to have a limit.

A study by Flinders University, Australia found that playing video games for too long before bed can have adverse effects on your nightly sleep. The blue light emitted by the phone or monitor screens can cause permanent damage to your cornea.

As reported by Medical Xpress, the study tested 17 teenage boys who played violent video games for 50 – 150 minutes before going to sleep over the course of two nights. Their sleep and heart rates were monitored as well. playing late at night means you’ll be more inclined to wear headphones to avoid disturbing others, meaning you’re more enclosed, ‘closer’ to the game. It means you can probably dismiss screen glare worries. It means there are far fewer distractions, and less likelihood a buzzing phone is going to clamor for attention. If you share a television or have young kids, it might be your only option.

There’s also something ever so slightly subversive about overnight binge gaming; it feels a little risky like you’re stealing excitement during the slots society – and heck, your own internal clock – deems you should be asleep, a minor infraction against the established order of things, in the comfort of your own home. My Bloody Valentine guitarist Kevin Shields, an exponent of sleep deprivation as a means to achieve altered states, has suggested that fighting to stay awake “brings the subconscious into the present world”.

And this is what I gained along with a Gaming addiction

  • Firstly bad posture.
  • Got to use contacts for better vision.
  • Poor appetite and metabolism.
  • Loads of work dues and not socializing with people.

Adverse effects on health

Excessive Stimulation and Melatonin Suppression

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for our feeling of pleasure. When we play video games, our brain releases dopamine into our brain’s pleasure center in a continuous stream, with random bursts. That is one of the reasons gaming is pleasurable.

Repeated suppression can also lead to a condition called alexithymia, which is the inability to determine your inner emotional state.

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