Brutal Truths About Hammerling-Hodgers: Got small, red bumps? Don’t wait See your dermatologist immediately

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Hammerling-Hodgers: Got small, red bumps?

In her groyne and under her arms, Lori, 55, a diabetic who is overweight, has dozens of severe boils that leak pungent pus and hurt.

She has deep scars all over her body. Because she feels self-conscious about all the scars on her body, she is embarrassed to try to date anyone.

She began smoking a carton of cigarettes per day as a result of growing more depressed. Her anxiety has negatively impacted her standard of living and emotional health.

She just saw a dermatologist, where she was identified as having the inflammatory skin ailment Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS).


Small, uncomfortable lumps develop under the skin as a result o,f the disease hidradenitis suppurativa. The armpits, groyne, buttocks, and breasts are typical locations for the lumps to form as your skin scrapes against itself. The lumps might result in tunnels under the skin, scarring, and a lengthy healing process.

Hidradenitis suppurativa’s specific cause is unknown, however, specialists think that blocked hair follicles are a contributing factor in its development. Hidradenitis suppurativa cannot be transmitted to other people and is not brought on by being filthy. In particular, armpits, breasts, and the groyne may be affected locally or generally by hidradenitis suppurativa.

Hammerling-Hodgers: Got small, red bumps?


If you want to know that do you have Hidradenitis suppurative or not you can simply know by looking at the symptoms. Some of the symptoms are:

1. tiny, painful bumps around the size of a pea.
2. bumps that leak.
3. blackheads or tunnels
4. very painful when it affects the thighs or armpits
5. Having difficulties in moving.


Early identification of Hidradenitis Suppurativa is essential for successful treatment. Depending on how severe the lesions are, there are many treatment options. A topical antibiotic may be a successful treatment for milder instances.

A healthy diet change, weight loss, and quitting smoking are a few additional approaches to improve the episodes.For a few weeks to a few months, oral antibiotics like Doxycycline or Bactrim can be used to treat more moderate to severe HS. To assist lessen the discomfort and swelling, corticosteroids might be prescribed as pills or administered intravenously.

Humira is one of the highly effective biologics that can aid in putting HS into remission. Some individuals baulk at receiving this medication because they fear getting shots or worry that it would suppress their immune system’s response.

As a last resort, the dermatologist may suggest a general surgeon for de-roofing, drainage, or excision of the tracts.

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