Are supplements a waste of money? here’s what experts say

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Health supplements!! This is a commonly heard word in today’s modern culture. What are they actually?? What do they do to your body???

 Health Supplements

Health supplements are extra third-party food nutrients that are usually taken if you cannot meet your nutritional need on your regular diet meals and plans.

These are various from target nutrients to whole nutrient pills. They also aid in weight loss , weight control and management. Nowadays supplements come in all kinds of forms from pills powders to effervescent tablets. Some of them are specially packed and made to improve skin, hair and gut health. Are they safe to use??? Do they have any positive impact on the body ???? Let me help you to understand how these actually work!!!

What are they actually made with??

Health supplements are something made up of all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrient requirements a person needs in day to day life. Some are specifically designed to act on targets in the body where the remaining are whole.

These are usually consumed through the mouth and not by any other means of ingestion.Dietary supplements are recommended everywhere now — from advertising , through influencers or sport personalities. leaving all the hype of these, one should know how and when to actually use them.

Most of these have plant based ingredients and  are filled with additives and preservatives. Most of the people have this habit of consuming vitamin -B (B COMPLEX) tablet for headaches to get down body heat and such habits cause sever damage to the body increasing the drug tolerance rate of the body. Gradually low dosages do not show any positive effects in cases like this.

Are supplements safe to use?

Any chemical or man-made medicines do possess a great risk to the human body if used in larger doses. Instead of these you can shift to natural alternatives to increase the intake of essential minerals and vitamins. Most of these do not show any negative result on the body as the man made ones do.Some of the harmful effects of artificial supplements are listed below:

  • VITAMIN K can  possess the risks of hemolytic anemia.
  • Herbal nutrients damage the liver functions.
  • VITAMIN A and BETA CAROTENE increase the risks of lung cancers.
  • Any vitamin taken in excess dosage causes HYPERVITAMINOSIS.

Some natural sources of increasing supplement intake:

  • Berberine is a bioactive substance extracted from certain plants. This reduces glucose production.
  • Fish oil supplements are a rich source of omega fatty acids.
  • Caffein is a natural stimulant.
  • Red grapes and prunes are rich sources of antioxidants to keep skin clean and purify blood.


Nothing is better than naturally improving your gut and body health. All the experts say instead of artificial supplements using natural supplements increase positive effects with minimum or no reverse actions.

Supplements are meant to be supplementary — meaning they enhance benefits already provided by eating a well-rounded diet,” says the FDA.

To know more about health supplements visit FDA.

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