50lbs in 61 Days: New No-Exercise ‘Skinny Pill’ Melts Belly Fat. Why Every Judge On Shark Tank Backed This Product!

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A weight loss supplement called Keto Burn, according to unsolicited emails, was allegedly featured on “Shark Tank,” Fox News, The New York Times, “Today,” O, The Oprah Magazine, People’s Stylewatch, and Redbook.

Readers have been bombarded with unsolicited emails for years about a weight loss supplement that supposedly appeared on the “Shark Tank” television programme. The Keto Burn product was accessed by clicking the link in the email. Keto Fit, a product with a similar name, was the subject of a similar scam that we previously covered.

It appears that someone or something used the Fox News logo without getting consent from the business.

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Users were directed through several dubious redirects after clicking the email’s link, meaning they were bounced from website to website before arriving at a final page. Another false report on a website called Live Intelligence Outreach was found on the last page. “50lbs in 61 Days: New No-Exercise “Skinny Pill” Melts Belly Fat,” the headline declared. Why Every Shark Tank Judge Supported This Product!
But this was a fraud as well. Fox News Channel did not air this. The amateurish appearance of the font in the lower-third region is one obvious giveaway.

The email promoting the weight-loss supplement Keto Burn mentioned “Inc Magazine: Shark Tank Shocker” and claimed to be from “ABC – Shark Tank.”

The page that appeared after clicking the email’s link stated that the episode that Anna and Samantha Martin won over the “Shark Tank” panel was the most-watched in the show’s history.

But we couldn’t find any such episode. Samantha Martin and Anna Martin never made an appearance on the program.

In the email promoting the weight-loss supplement Keto Burn, it was stated that it was from “ABC – Shark Tank” and mentioned “Inc Magazine: Shark Tank Shocker.”

When I clicked the email’s link, I was taken to a page that stated: “The sister’s Anna and Samantha Martin’s victory over the “Shark Tank” panel was the most-watched episode in “Shark Tank” history.”

No such episode, however, was discovered. Samantha Martin and Anna Martin were never characters on the show.

The fake article stated that the couple was the first contestant to ever receive a standing ovation and investment offers from the entire panel during the show’s lengthy run. When the episode ended, the sisters claimed they toasted the achievement with cake and champagne.

After that, a picture of “Shark Tank” stars celebrating an episode about a weight loss product was shown along with a cake.

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