A strange luminous spiral was observed in the sky of New Zealand

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On Sunday night, a strange spiral light creation in the sky baffled and awed stargazers in New Zealand. Around 7:30 p.m., New Zealanders witnessed an extraordinary sight: a massive, blue spiral of light, strangely gliding across the sky. A lot of individuals used social media to share unusual phenomenon photos. It was by far the oddest object he had ever seen in the night sky, according to Alasdair Burns, 34, who owns a stargazing business on Stewart Island.

“It was completely strange.” It looked like a huge spiral. And it moved serenely and quietly in the direction of the north, eventually dispersing as it went, he told the source.
The spiral, however, was the lit plume of a rocket, according to Richard Easther, a physics professor at the University of Auckland. He told Stuff, “They are ‘clouds’ formed by the rocket’s exhaust plumes, which would have been illuminated by the sun.” It has a similar effect to what you occasionally see at sunset when the setting sun illuminates the bottom of tall clouds.

Esther believes it is likely that the rocket was Space X’s Global Star Mission, which took off earlier on Sunday and flew over New Zealand. People on social media each had their hypotheses, which ranged from commercial light shows to alien rockets to UFO sightings.

A strange luminous spiral was observed in the sky of New Zealand

One user said, “Premonition from our orbital black hole.”Another user remarked, “Aliens at it again.” The theories were excellent, but specialists have discovered the true reason for the phenomenon. The vivid blue spiral appears to have been created by SpaceX’s Globalstar 2 FM15. After releasing its payload, the rocket spins and lets fuel out of its upper stage. Then, as a result of the vapor trail’s reflection of light, a prominent swirl can be seen from the ground. As the SpaceX Globalstar 2 FM15 was expected to have passed New Zealand around that time, experts from the New Plymouth Astronomical Society on the North Island of New Zealand indicated that the phenomena were caused by this fuel dump. SpaceX launched three rockets on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, A few hours before the event, the last one, a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Globalstar FM15 satellite, was launched.
On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, SpaceX launched three rockets, A Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Globalstar FM15 satellite was launched just hours before the incident.

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