The city of Chicago issued warnings to the residents on monkey pox

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As of now 7 new cases of monkey pox are identified in Chicago.


Monkeypox is a rare disease and was not properly recorded and attention paid cases in the past. As of today, this virus is rising up as a deadly variant. There are almost 1600 confirmed cases and more than 1500 suspected. Almost 39 countries are reported to be infected. Where the course of the primary virus is unknown, it is known that the virus is passed through infected rodents such as rats and squirrels to humans. Where it is also transferred through humans by direct or indirect contact.

Rules and warnings in Chicago

Chicago is experiencing an alarming rate of rising in the monkeypox virus case. The health officials of Chicago have advised the people not to attend mass gatherings and summer camps because there might be direct skin-to-skin contact with the infected ones unknowingly or an intimate contact that can spread the virus.

The commissioner of the health care department, Chicago had released the important precautions and aids for gatherings. Suspected cases seem to have a flu infection in the beginning where later the lesions seem to be appearing. This is not something to ignore after the pandemic, still recording deaths every hour in the world. About 585 reported deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours. Having coronavirus as a pandemic makes monkey pox an attention-paying disease to not make it more complicated by further mutations.

Symptoms of monkeypox

The symptoms include headaches, back pains, swollen lymph nodes, lesions, and rashes. The center for disease control on prevention had issued a track list of symptoms of the disease. This illness might get mistakenly diagnosed as some of the sexually transmitted diseases like zoster virus or syphilis.
The CDPH has issued guidelines to isolate if screened with any primary symptoms. They are requested to get isolated until the incubation period and are treated with antiviral medications if they fall severely ill. Their partners are also requested to get screened for the diseases. If not screened, they are requested to take medication for a short period of time. Follow the guidelines issued by CDPH if diagnosed with monkeypox.

The vaccines for smallpox and VIG are reported to condemn the growth of viruses in the host body after vaccination and immunization. The test kits for monkeypox are under development. The health care laboratories of Abbott are working on test kits for monkeypox which will be available very soon.

What needs attention?

1. The people affected are mostly homosexuals. So instead of all the odds provide them the needs of treatment.
2. Avoid misdiagnosis of monkeypox with any other sexually transmitted diseases like zoster, HSV, and syphilis.
3. Do not limit the concerns of any gender or nationality.
4. Isolate the positively diagnosed patients and inform the state health care department through the (770-488-7100) CDC emergency helpline.

What should you do if under suspicion?

1. Avoid sexual contact with anyone.
2. Stop attending parties and gatherings.
3. Take a proper clinical diagnosis.
4. Follow the guidelines of CDPH if exposed.

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