Extraordinary news, Sitting too much may be hazardous to health in 2022

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Sitting too much may be hazardous to health Earlier research has linked longer standing time to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and mortality in high-income countries. However, whether the dangers grow in low- and middle-income nations is unknown. As per a global study of further than 100,000 people in 21 countries, people who sat for seven to eight hours a day, there was a 13 percent increased rate of premature death and heart disease, whereas those who sat for even more than eight hours a day had a terrible 20 percent higher risk. Scientists studied people for an average of 11 years and discovered that spending too much time sitting was linked to an increased risk of early death and cardiovascular disease. Sitting was an issue in all countries, although it was more severe in low- and lower-middle-income countries. People who sat for almost a whole day there and didn’t do any activity have a higher risk of more than 50%, although people who for a long period of time but did some activity at the same time and have a reduced risk of 17%.

“The main lesson here is to minimize how much you sit,” said Scott Lear, a health sciences professor at Simon Fraser University. If you have to sit, perform the additional movement at other periods of the day to counteract the danger.” “Replacing a half-hour of sitting with exercise reduced the risk by 2% for those who sat more than four hours per day.” Only one out of every four Canadians meets the exercise guidelines, so there’s a huge opportunity for folks to get more active and minimized their risk of early death and heart disease.”

“However, although professionals must spread the word about the importance of balancing sitting with activity, individuals must better analyze their lifestyles and take their health seriously.” “Sitting and inactivity together accounted for 8.8% of all fatalities in our analysis, which is similar to the impact of smoking (10.6 percent in Lear and Li’s study).”It’s a worldwide issue with a simple solution.” Making a plan to get out of that chair is a terrific place to start.



This study show sitting on a chair for the whole day whether it’s for work or for other things is not much good for our health. It is better to do some activity in between because we also need to take care of our health while doing other work. Taking a break in between provides us with both benefits like completing the work at the same time and also taking care of our health.

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