Cancer: the sign in your lower back that could be a “RED FLAG” symptom

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Does your lower back hurt?

           The lower back of the body is associated with the lumbar vertebrae of the spine. These have a well-supported interlocking mechanism, which helps in the flexibility of the body. This super-locked structure is fragile and subject to injury very easily.

           The lower back supports and carries the entire weight of the upper body which makes it prone to easy pain and dislocation of the bones and discs in the pelvic area. Lifting heavy weights, and low bone calcium can lead to back pain. This is a common symptom of aging in several individuals.

  But some specific symptoms and prolonged pain require major attention. This can be an early symptom of carcinoma in the spine or vertebrae.

lower back pain might be a early symptom of cancer

what is spinal or vertebral cancer?

The tumor formed in the Dura region of the spinal cord is called intradural cancer. these can benign or malignant. The tumor formed in between the vertebrae. Even though they are benign in the starting stages, they can cause severe damage and paralysis to the body after a period of time. The causes can vary from genetic mutations to the usage of physical agents like tobacco and exposure to radiation and pollutants.


The start symptoms of vertebral can vary from several individuals depending on the region of the tumor formed. If the tumor is on the spinal cord or in between the vertebrae it can cause some pressure on the nerves  around them, this leads to some symptoms that are listed below

  • Difficulty to move
  • Back pain or pain in the neck and limbs
  • Loss of sensation in the arms and legs
  • Cannot stand or sit in a position for a long time
  • No regular bowel movements
  • back pain can spread across other body parts
  • pain in the process of urination
  • Fatigue and paralysis can occur in extreme conditions
  • muscle spasms

when should you consult a doctor

  • when the symptoms are prolonged
  • pain is not related to any physical activity
  • when it hits peak levels at nights
  • if already diagnosed and treated with cancer, because it might have caused new tumors in different parts
  • numbness in arms and limbs
  • loss of proper bowel movements

what will the doctor do?

The doctor will ask for any previous records of cancer if already diagnosed in the past. Ask about your daily physical activities and meal plans.

Diagnosis of lower back cancer

lower back pain can often be mistaken as a cancer symptom, but this might be because of habits of lifting, and not proper posture. But a proper diagnosis of cancer can only be done medically by using screening equipment.

  • Angiography
  • X-ray
  • CT /PET scan
  • Spin Tap

The above-mentioned symptoms are very important signs of benign tumors in your lower back. Do consult a doctor if any of these are seen.

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