Why you shouldn’t sleep naked or masturbate during a heatwave in 2022

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Sleep is something that we all need in our daily lives as it helps us to refresh and reset our minds and whole body for the next day. As we know sleeping naked helps your body to keep cool throughout the night and provides you with better quality sleep but do you know sleeping naked has some drawbacks?

Because a heat wave is expected in June, things may start to become a bit sticky between the sheets as the temperature rises. The weather is expected to be hot this weekend, and you may be tempted to attempt a variety of tactics to stay cool at night.
Experts have said that the best way to cool down during your sleep is by sleeping naked is not the right way and masturbating in this hot weather is also not good. Let’s know why that is so.

However, while ripping your clothing off may seem clever, sleeping in your PJs may help you get a better night’s sleep.

Dr. Sophie Bostock, thesleepscientist.com‘s sleep specialist, told Women’s Health Magazine: “There’s a lot of information out there about sleeping naked.

“However, this isn’t very useful since what you’ll find is that if sweat pools on the body and isn’t whipped away by a moisture-wicking surface – such as clothing – it won’t keep you cool. So wearing cotton pyjamas or anything else that absorbs sweat may be preferable to being entirely naked

Summer sleeping is challenging for a variety of reasons, one of which is that we “rely on a cooling of the body temperature as a stimulant for sleep,” according to Bostock. Sunnier evenings and a later sunset, according to the same doctor, contribute to sleeping difficulties.

And the reason behind you should not masturbate is that even though specialists have advised against it, there do not appear to be any serious negative effects. So go ahead and scratch that itch if you want to.

Expert John Dugan advises men to think twice before indulging in self-gratification because “masturbation is strongly dependent on friction.” He explained that “The stroking of the penis, either violent or more practiced, causes various degrees of friction, which activates the sensitive penile nerves and generates the sensation that makes masturbation so appealing. “However, friction produces heat, and a little additional heat on a hot summer night is the last thing a guy needs.”

To tackle the problem, Dugan suggests “stretching your legs” to stay cool. Not only that, but when it comes to ejaculation, he suggests pointing a fan towards your crotch to keep the air flowing, as well as pouring cold water or ice onto your balls

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