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Coronavirus has been a great headache for people, government, businesses, etc. As people are trying a lot to overcome covid19 there were different strategies that people came up with but none were successful as the coronavirus also came with different strategies to defeat us by introducing its new variants. For all these 3 years there were a million dollars were lost to the government due to the coronavirus as the educational system, revenue system, economic system etc all were crushed by this unbeatable disease coronavirus.

Still with the help of our scientists we were able to recover a lot from the earlier and are in a good position to fight the virus. Due to the help of the scientists we were able to introduce the vaccine which was able to fight the first part of the coronavirus. But covid 19 came with new variants such as Delta variant, omicron, etc. Coronaviruses have also disturbed the balance of occurring seasonal diseases talk about that.



Well, the seasonal flu is also known as the flu. The winter flu season in the years 2020 and 2021 in the United States was one of the mildest on record in terms of both death and hospitalization. However, the number of people affected by flu continued to increase through spring and summer as the number of cases increased since February when no one was following the covid protocols. Doctors said that “I’ve never seen the flu season last June in the United States,”. Scott Roberts, Associate Medical Director of Infection Prevention at Yale-New Haven Hospital, told CNBC on Tuesday. “Covid had a huge impact on that. Now that people have taken off their masks and the place is open, we’re seeing the virus working in a very strange way that it never had before, “he said.

And the flu is just the beginning. Respiratory syncytial virus, a common cold-like virus usually comes in winter, surged last summer and affected the children in Europe, the United States, and Japan. In January, the explosion of adenovirus 41, which causes gastrointestinal illness, became a clear cause of serious liver disease in young children.

The worst tuberculosis held in Washington was the first-ever outbreak that happened in the last 20 years and the recent outbreak of monkeypox, an infection commonly found in Central and Western Africa has emerged in approximately 1,000 confirmed and suspected cases in 29 non-endemic nations. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week had at least two genetically distinct monkey pox variants prevalent in the United States. He said this was probably due to spillover infections from two different animals to humans.
The World Health Organization pointed out that symptomatic viruses such as fever and skin lesions have not happened in the US for “months or even years.”

Scott Robert also said that “The two strains probably indicate that this is taking longer than we initially thought. It’s a worrying time now,”. It is not yet clear if a virus like smallpox has mutated, but health experts report that smallpox works in a new and abnormal way. Most notably, it seems to spread within the population most commonly through gender, as opposed to traveling from where it usually occurs. Symptoms also appear in new ways. “Patients appear differently than previously taught,” Scott Roberts said, “avoiding early symptoms such as the flu in some infected patients, with immediate onset of rashes and lesions, especially in the genitals and anus.” There are many unknowns that are still left to be discovered. There are very atypical behaviors in many ways against many infections, Restriction lessens exposure, immunity

Covid is like building its army to fight us. A lot of changes had appeared in the weather too. People should follow the preparation to stay safe and secure.

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