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The US nation surgeon journalist says that“ it’s time to be aware by not to worry.” the monkeypox is dissipating in a way that hasn’t been seen before in other nations. The recent outbreak of monkeypox has affected many people but has not died many. This means that the virus is not deadly, but it’s spreading fast mostly through sexual contact between gay or bisexual. Globally, monkeypox cases have thrived by an additional 800 andⁿ00 still been growing daily.

As know monkeypox was first found in 1958 among monkeys in a laboratory of monkeys and the early human who got affected was in 1970.
Who knew that the 1970 disease would be a burden to people who die yo having close skin contact like sex, kissing, etc. First, it was covid now it is monkeypox. Monkeypox is spreading like covid 19 too fast, doctor didn’t think that it will become a covid like a pandemic. Is monkeypox the start of a new big disease like covid 19 through sexual transmission infection? Let’s know.

Monkeypox is a rare infection, that causes blisters and rashes after 1 or 3 days of getting affected by it. People were affected by this virus basically through the wild animals in Africa. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Europe had the worst hit by monkeypox with 704 cases which made him the highest affected country in the world. Monkeypox instances have been found in 18 other nations like the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal etc. Recently, the United States verified more than 45 cases of the monkeypox virus.

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The majority of cases have been reported in guys who have sex with men and bisexual men. The monkeypox virus, on the other hand, is not limited to guys who have intercourse with other men. “People who come into intimate contact with an infectious person are at a higher risk of getting an infection,” says the CDC.

Bouma Kabisen Titanji, a virologist at Emory University, disagrees. “So far, the data on the 800 or so cases of monkeypox occurring in non-endemic countries suggest sexual contact (intimacy through sex) playing a crucial role in transmission,” Dr Titanji writes in a tweet thread from June 3. It’s a matter of chance whether this occurs by sperm or skin-to-skin contact.”

She goes on to say that the definition of sexually transmitted infections isn’t clear and that it’s crucial to get it right while trying to contain a huge outbreak. Scabies, herpes, syphilis, and pubic lice “crabs” are STIs that are spread by close contact, according to her.”Scabies can also be transmitted from person to person through sexual contact.” Monkeypox is capable of doing the same. Dr.titanji tells that “A lot of the cases in the present monkeypox outbreak have been found due to sexual contact with the infected person. Therefore, it is important to highlight this information while giving caveats that this is not the sole mechanism of spread.” The CDC Atlanta has agreed to what Dr Titanji said

Monkeypox is more likely to spread in enclosed settings, such as back rooms, saunas, or sex clubs, where people wear little or no clothing and have intimate sexual contact,” according to the guidelines. Mostly the risk is in parties or clubs as the clothes they were are minimum so there is a greater chance of getting skin-to-skin contact and getting affected.

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