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The world has grown so much because of technology. From telephone to smartphone to laptop etc. Technology is in the sink with us where ever we go we make use of technology, it had been a great help in human lives.

Technology had affected the major sectors including media and healthcare. Just imagine, earlier we use to wash clothes with our hands but nowadays we don’t have to do such hard work because the washing machine has been invented. Technology has given a solution to every problem

With the help of technology, people were able to build different great inventions which help us to know more about space. Inventions like satellites and rockets help us a lot in knowing more about space. Different space programs have also been held by NASA and other space agencies. Let’s study more about NASA.


NASA is an organization that researches space-related topics. It has been 64 years that NASA is on this journey. NASA Stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. For over the 64 years NASA has been a successful organization and conducted many space programs which came to be successful and taught the world about space.

Space programs such as Apollo 11, Apollo 7, skylab etc were considered successful ones. NASA is the no 1 space agency in this world and the most prominent one. The annual budget of NASA is $22 billion. Let us acknowledge the NASA rovers on Mars.


Till now NASA has sent six rovers to Mars to investigate the ancient lives on mars. In 1997 NASA sent its first rover named “Sojourner” which came to be successful but unfortunately, it was unable to send much data because after 83 days the sojourner stop sending data and went shut down.

However, NASA didn’t lose hope they send another rover on 7 July 2003 named the “spirit and opportunity” rover which was also a successful one and was able to send data regarding the atmospheric pressure on Mars and was conducting field geology on the martian surface. It was able to send data for 15 years but unfortunately, the spirit rover also stop communicating with the earth as it was unable to charge its battery due to a dust storm.

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The most successful rover of NASA we’re the “curiosity” and “perseverance” rover. The “curiosity” rover was launched on 26 November 2011 and landed on August 26 2012. This “curiosity” rover was the successful one and still be operating with the NASA. The motive of the “curiosity” rover was to land in Gale carter and search for any clue that there was ancient life on Mars. After researching, the scientist found out that there was an ancient lake in the position of the carter which indicates life on Mars. Recently, the “curiosity” rover has discovered a tiny flower-like mineral on the surface of the mars.

The “perseverance” rover was also one of the most successful ones and launched on 30 July 2020 and landed on February 18, 2021, with a motive to acknowledge sedimentary rocks near the ancient lake. The rover has discovered that the Jezeros floor is made of igneous rock through which scientists can find how old is the rock as igneous rocks contain radioactive elements. Till now the rober has collected six rocks samples. Recently, the rover is heading toward the zeros crater for rock samples. If this become successful then NASA will be planning in bringing the rover back to earth to examine the samples collected by it. If this becomes successful then it going to be a great discovery for our world.


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