In the US two different monkeypox strains have been discovered

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In the US, two different monkeypox strains have been discovered

The strain implicated in the current epidemic was previously identified in a small number of U.S. cases, according to federal health officials, but some samples showed a different strain. Each strain had been identified in US cases last year before the more recent worldwide outbreak was discovered.

In the US, two different monkeypox strains have been discovered.

Monkeypox is a virus that starts with a fever and swollen lymph nodes. Then a rash will appear on the face and body. The disease is common in Africa, where people have been bitten by rats or other animals. It does not usually spread quickly among humans.

However, no doubt some research will be required before we can determine how long the virus has been circulating in the United States and elsewhere.

Genetic analysis of the latest monkeypox cases in the United States has revealed there are two distinct strains, health authorities said on Friday, suggesting that the virus may have been circulating undetected for some time.

“I think it’s certainly possible that there could have been monkeypox cases in the United States that went under the radar previously but not to any great degree,” She said to reporters on Friday.

As of Friday, the United States has confirmed at least 20 more cases in 11 states. Hundreds of additional cases have been discovered in other countries throughout the world.

This month, cases of the disease have been popping up in Europe and the United States. Many of the people who contracted the disease had traveled outside their country. Health authorities in several countries are investigating this.

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