A big news has come out about Omicron, the new variant of Corona found in South Africa. This news is not only giving relief but it is also reducing the fear and fear that is growing in the country and the world regarding Omicron.

In fact, the chairperson of the Uttar Pradesh Kovid Advisory Committee and Dr. RK Dhiman, director of Lucknow SGPGI and Dr. Samiran Panda, Chief Epidemiologist, ICMR, studied the Omicron virus spread in South Africa and its affected patients and found that this virus is not as dangerous as Delta. . Patients infected with this virus are currently neither needing much hospitalization nor the death rate is increasing. Both the doctors have said that the virus is still being studied, but there is absolutely no need to panic and panic.

Oxygen level does not drop rapidly

Dr RK Dhiman, chairperson of the Uttar Pradesh Kovid Advisory Committee and director of Lucknow SGPGI, says that Delta has been found to be more lethal than Omicron and Delta variants. He says that he has studied Omicron infected patients and their reports found in different hospitals and different states in South Africa. According to that report, the infection is spreading, but it is not as dangerous as the delta variant was. Professor Dhiman said that the patients affected by Omicron Swarup after knowing the reports and condition of the patients of South Africa and other affected countries came to know that their oxygen level is not falling down as fast as it is falling from the delta variant. Was.

There are no cases of Omicron variant in our country

Apart from this, the manner in which the mortality rate of patients affected by the delta variant suddenly started increasing is also not visible in the Omicron variant. He says that therefore one thing has become very clear that as of now, the Omicron variant is not as deadly as people fear about it. Dr Dhiman says that because cases of this variant have not been reported in their country so far, medical experts not only study the reports of patients in the same countries, but try to know whether the disease or infection is really there. It is as dangerous as it is being told. According to him, looking at the reports of infected patients and their conditions in South African countries so far, it is being estimated that this virus is not that dangerous at the moment.

However, he says that further research and study is being done in this direction.

no need to panic unnecessarily

ICMR’s Chief Epidemiologist Dr Samiran Panda says that people are being affected by the mutants of this virus in South Africa, but they are not going to the dangerous situation as they were reaching in the delta variant. He says that looking at the reports of South African hospitals and Medical Institutes of South Africa and the infection status of patients, it can be said that it is infecting people but people are losing their lives and admitted to the hospital. It doesn’t seem like much to happen. Doctor Panda says that people do not need to panic unnecessarily. Because so far the report does not tell at all that this virus is very dangerous. Because medical science does a complete study of any such virus and after that, by setting the scale of its severity, warns the country and the world. In the initial phase, it was found that the changes in the new variant are happening very fast, so there is a need to be very careful and alert.

WHO declared virus of concern

Keeping this in mind, the World Health Organization declared the virus of concern, so that countries around the world remain alert and alert. Doctor Samiran Panda says that he and his entire team are engaged in studying this virus. He himself is closely observing the reports of patients found in South Africa and the affected countries and the conditions of the patients. He and his team are keeping their eyes on the condition of patients in the affected countries.
Apart from this, work is being done to make preparations to save people from this changed virus in our country and to accelerate the campaign of vaccination more rapidly.

Keep in mind the guidelines

Doctor RK Dhiman says that people should behave according to Kovid to protect against the virus. They say that whenever you step out of the house, keep a mask on. Apart from this, keep sanitizing and washing your hands from time to time. They say that it is being seen that people are not taking preventive behavior from Kovid. This situation is no better at all. Still people should be alert and alert. Avoid going to crowded places. Social and physical distance should be strictly followed.


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