The whole world is currently living under the shadow of fear of the new Omicron variant of Corona found in South Africa. Every person coming from abroad is being monitored from the airport itself.

People coming from high risk countries are also being monitored by the Pune Municipal Corporation. A person who came to Pune from South Africa has been found to be Corona positive.

At present, the situation of Corona in Pune is under control. In the last few days, the number of infected has decreased rapidly. There was a lot of pressure on the health department of Pune for the last two years. Now the health workers were feeling relieved that suddenly this news has raised concerns not only in Pune but also in Maharashtra and in the minds of the countrymen. This person who came from South Africa is being investigated.

Came to Pune from South Africa 15 days ago, found positive

This person came to Pune from South Africa fifteen days ago. After this, after the test was done, its report was found positive. Along with being corona positive, further investigation is being done whether it has been infected with the Omicron variant. At present this person is in home quarantine. This information has been given by Assistant Health Officer Dr. Sanjeev Vavre.

In the last few days, especially those coming to Pune from South Africa, Hong Kong, Austria, Zimbabwe, Germany, Israel are being searched. The Central Government has instructed the State Governments to exercise utmost vigilance and caution. The state government has also instructed the municipal corporations to follow the guidelines in this regard. Keeping this in mind, Pune Municipal Corporation is on full alert mode.

If there is no direct air service from Pune, then did it come through Mumbai airport?

There is no direct flight from the country concerned to Pune. That’s why he has come through the international airport of some other city. In such a situation, doubts are being raised that after coming to Mumbai, he has reached Pune. Tracing is also being done for the people who came in his contact between the airport to Pune.


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