World Stroke Day is celebrated on 29 October, in this context, through this article, we will discuss the effects of stroke on the hands, remedies.

World Stroke Day is celebrated on 29 October across the world with the idea of ​​raising awareness about serious diseases like stroke. Due to the blockage of blood circulation in the brain of the victim, not enough oxygen reaches the brain and there is a problem of stroke, which is a serious condition. When a stroke occurs, the person loses balance, or he may have severe pain in many organs. Many organs of the patient are affected due to stroke, one of which is the hand. Stroke slows down the sensation of the hands, you have trouble with the hand, you may also feel a feeling of weakness in the hand. Stroke paralyzes many parts of the body, which can impair movement. How long the impact on the hand due to the stroke will heal depends on the condition of the patient. The interval of treatment also depends on the will power and immunity of the patient. In this article, we will discuss the effects of stroke on the hands and the ways to cure them. For better information on this subject, we spoke to Dr Seema Yadav, MD Physician, Care Institute of Life Sciences, Lucknow.

1. Stroke affects hand movement

Stroke is also called brain attack in simple language. Due to stroke, brain functions become uncontrollable and a state of paralysis can occur. The movement of the hands of people who have a stroke is affected. The victim may also feel a burning sensation or pressure in the hand. After a stroke, a person may also have trouble holding things with their hands or doing simple tasks such as eating food or bathing with their hands. It is not necessary to have paralysis in every case of stroke. In cases where patients recover quickly from drugs, their organs do not have much effect, but it depends on the condition of the patient and how soon he is getting treatment.

2. Stroke causes weakness in hands

People who have a stroke start having weakness in their hands. If the victim has trouble holding or moving something with the hand, it may be due to a stroke. Due to stroke, the muscles of the hands become weak and they face difficulty in doing even normal tasks with their hands. People who have recently had a stroke should contact a physiotherapist after treatment so that their hand movement can be restored as before.

3. Stroke causes pain in hands

Stroke can cause pain in the hands, some people feel the type of muscles, which leads to pain later. Due to the tightening of the muscles, there can also be pain in the shoulder. Many times the bones dislocate from their place due to weakness in the bones, due to which there can also be pain in the hands. Some people feel a sharp pain while some feel cold or hot. This happens due to damage to the nervous system.

4. Stroke causes stiffness in muscles

After a stroke, it affects many parts of the body as well as the hand. Many people have experienced that the muscles become tight after a stroke, due to which the sufferer may have trouble moving the hand. Due to the tightness of the muscle, it does not bend completely and they also have trouble in straightening the hand. After a stroke, the size of many muscles can be small or large and this change can be permanent.

5. Stroke causes change in sensation in hands

Stroke reduces sensation in the hands. The affected person will feel as if the hands have become numb or they will not be able to feel the pressure even after applying pressure on the skin of the hand. On the other hand, if the victim is wearing tight clothes in hand, then you will not even realize it. If something cold or hot falls on their skin, they will not even feel it. Due to the damage of nerves, they will not be able to feel the effect of temperature on the hands. If you take the patient to the hospital on time after the stroke, then the patient can avoid the serious consequences of the stroke.



Physiotherapy for stroke treatment

To find out how much of the brain has been affected due to stroke, doctors do tests like CT scan, MRI, angiography etc. In other tests, doctors test BP, diabetes etc. Doctors believe that you can do physiotherapy to treat stroke-

  • Dr Seema told that in many cases, after regular physiotherapy of stroke patients, the lost organs come back into action, although it is not necessary that the result is positive in every case.
  • For physiotherapy, you should contact a trained hospital, it is better that you get physiotherapy done in the same hospital where the patient is undergoing treatment.
  • Due to stroke, the affected person’s hand and other organs are affected, for which physiotherapy can be resorted to.
  • With the help of physiotherapy, the muscles in which the movement is reduced, they are repaired again.
  • Along with therapy during stroke, one should also pay attention to regular exercise and proper diet.

If due to stroke, if the movement in any part of the victim has stopped or decreased, then instead of massaging it, you should seek medical help and get the right treatment.


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