If your hair is frizzy and sticky, then you must follow a special hair care routine. This will make your hair look beautiful. Learn about the routine

Every woman likes straight, long and shiny hair. Hair plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of women. On the other hand, if the hair is frizzy and sticky, then it can make the entire look of women look bad. In such a situation, girls, women adopt many measures to get rid of their frizzy or sticky hair, not only this, they also take many types of hair treatment for this. But no special effect is seen, because the problem of frizzy and sticky hair can be overcome not by hair treatment but by a special hair care routine.

If you want to get rid of frizzy and sticky hair and want to maintain your beauty, then start paying attention to the hair. For this, you should change your old hair care routine and follow a special hair care routine (Hair Care Routine for Frizzy and Sticky Hair) – Learn beautiful makeover from beauty expert Pooja Gayle

1. Oiling is necessary once a week

Even though your hair is sticky, but you should definitely do oiling on your hair. Regular oiling can help in removing the problem of frizzy and sticky hair to a great extent. Oiling is also considered to be the best way to make hair strong and beautiful. For this you can use coconut oil, mustard oil or any other oil.

If you want, you can prepare oil at home from natural ingredients. Applying a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil removes the frizziness of the hair. For this, take oil on your fingers and massage the scalp well. Applying oil on the hair once or twice a week brings back the lost shine of the hair, as well as removes the problem of dryness.

2. Wash hair with mild shampoo

To protect the hair from stickiness, they should avoid washing them daily. You can wash your hair after a day. Due to frequent hair washing, the scalp becomes sticky and the hair becomes dry. Therefore, wash your hair with shampoo only 2-3 days a week. Use only a mild shampoo to wash your hair. Shampoo containing chemicals can damage the hair. Before shampooing, you should take care of all these things.

3. Make sure to use conditioner

To get rid of the problem of frizzy and sticky hair, definitely include conditioner in your hair care routine. It is very important to condition all types of hair. Conditioner makes the hair soft and shiny, by using it, the problem of frizzy hair starts to go away. Along with this, the stickiness of the hair also starts coming out. You must do hair conditioner twice a week. If you have applied oil on your hair, then first shampoo the hair well and then use conditioner.

4. Hair Serum is also a must

If you have frizzy hair, then definitely use hair serum on them. Along with the skin, serum is also considered very beneficial for the hair. You can use hair serum after washing your hair. Frizzy hair is more prone to breakage or fall, so apply a good serum before combing it. Serum helps to make hair shiny, but avoid applying too much serum. Because it can make the hair look sticky. Applying hair serum on the hair is beneficial.

5. Stay away from heat styling tools

Frizzy hair should always be kept away from heat styling tools. Repeated use of them on the hair causes more damage to the hair. Also, by using heat styling tools, the hair becomes dry and lifeless. Although the use of styling tools should be avoided on all types of hair, but on frizzy hair, its use can be more harmful.

If you are also troubled by your frizzy and sticky hair, then definitely follow the hair care routine mentioned above. By following these tips, you can get beautiful, soft and shiny hair.


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