Hamstring cramps or pain and cramps in the back of the thigh can happen to anyone, learn about the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of this problem.

Hamstring cramps or pain and cramping in the back of the thigh is a very common problem among people today. This problem is seen in many people after sports, walking or running. Apart from this, many people may have this problem without participating in any physical activity. Hamstring cramps can cause pain, cramping, and stiffness in the back of the thigh. In this problem, the hamstring muscle involuntarily contracts or tightens, due to which a lump can also form at that place. It is a muscular problem but its exact cause is not yet known. Dehydration or muscle strain or injury can be due to many reasons behind this problem. Let us know in detail about the causes, symptoms and prevention of hamstring cramps.

What Causes Hamstring Cramps?

The problem of spasm or pain in the muscles of the back of the thigh is called hamstring cramps. Most of the people have this problem while sleeping at night. These cases are considered idiopathic which means that experts or doctors do not always attribute the problem to a specific cause. This problem can occur due to many reasons. Let us know about the possible causes of hamstring cramps.

  • Hamstring cramps due to muscle tension.
  • Hamstring cramps due to dehydration or dehydration after exercise or running.
  • The problem of hamstring cramps due to lack of minerals in the body.
  • Hamstring cramps due to lack of electrolytes.
  • Due to muscle weakness in old age.
  • Due to diabetes, liver disorder, nerve compression and thyroid etc.
  • Hamstring cramps in pregnancy.

Hamstring Cramps Symptoms

Hamstring cramps, ie muscle cramps and pain in the back of the thigh, can happen at any time and to anyone. Due to this, you feel tightness in the back of the thighs, after which gradually cramps and pain can start. In this problem, you may also see a lump in the muscles of the back of the thigh. Most people have this problem while sleeping at night and you may have pain or cramps for a few seconds to 10 minutes. After which this pain gets better on its own and may start again after some time. The main symptoms seen in the problem of hamstring cramps are as follows.

  • Swelling and redness in the legs.
  • Lump in the muscles of the back of the thigh.
  • Cramping, pain and stiffness in the hamstrings.
  • Lack of potassium, magnesium, or calcium in the body.
  • Trouble straightening the knees.
  • Having a problem with a hamstring strain.
  • After some time the pain and cramps end and start.

Hamstring Cramps Treatment

At the onset of hamstring cramps, you can also treat this problem on your own. When its symptoms are visible in the beginning, you can eliminate its pain, cramps with some simple measures. But if this problem is becoming more serious, then a doctor’s advice must be taken for its treatment. In the problem of hamstring cramps, the doctor may advise you to do stretching and massage etc. Also in severe cases hamstring cramps can be treated to address the cause. You may also have to take some supplements to make up for the lack of minerals in the body.

Hamstring Cramps Prevention Tips

  • To avoid this problem, you must keep these things in mind.
  • Always hydrate yourself after exercise and keep yourself hydrated during this time.
  • Do not let the body lack minerals or electrolytes.
  • Do warm up before exercising.
  • Practice stretching daily.
  • Take balanced food.

If the problem of hamstring cramps increases or becomes severe, you must consult a doctor. The above-mentioned tips for prevention can be useful for you, but in serious situations, it is very important to get treatment according to the advice of the doctor. Ignoring this problem can lead to many other serious problems later on.


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