The good news is that they are about to put the big Windows update for 2022 to the test.

Some users who are testing Windows 11 could find many more bugs soon, as Microsoft begins to test the new version of the operating system for 2022 on the channel that usually receives the first preview versions.

We’re talking about the dev channel, and although the builds in this channel are currently for the release version of Windows 11, which will be out later in 2021 (probably October), they will soon switch to preview versions of the next update for 2022. (known as 22H2). If we remember, Microsoft will carry out one big update per year with Windows 11.

The work done on this update to build 22H2 will obviously be in its early stages, so users might encounter a lot of bugs, which means if you don’t like the possibility of finding bugs galore, you should move on to the Beta Channel. (which will continue to test the much more stable versions this year for version 21H2).

As Windows Latest notes, Microsoft recently sent an email to testers stating that: “If you’d rather experience more reliable builds of Windows 11 Insider Previews tied to the next release [version 21H2], take your device to the Beta Channel through the Settings of the Windows Insider program ”.

Analysis: Should you go or stay?

If the idea of ​​supporting versions with many more errors is something that worries you (and more when there are already errors with the previews that exist), then you should change the channel as soon as possible. This is the case for those who don’t want their PC to be tampered with in any meaningful way (although the truth is, you shouldn’t use any preview version of an operating system on a PC that is used for any kind of serious function).

The reason to stay in the development channel, of course, is the tempting possibility to see and play with the new features that are coming to Windows 11 next year, although these will be rough versions, as already explained.

That being said, in the initial builds of Windows 11 version 22H2, there will be no major introductions as these early installments are solely to lay the groundwork for what is to come later in terms of new features. So, don’t expect anything too exciting in the foreseeable future, even if you stay on the development channel. However, new features (and no doubt gremlins) will be coming slowly as time goes on.


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