Friends, all of you must have seen that after class tenth, when students choose different subjects, the students who choose science subjects are divided into two classes-

As soon as we go to college after completing schooling, then this zoology gets divided into two parts-

The branch of science under which information about all types of organisms is found, it is called Zoology.

The branch of science under which we get information about all types of plants is called botany.

Today we are going to share some important information related to biology with you. If you are preparing for any government job and general science comes in the syllabus then the coming information can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Father of Zoology:
There is hardly any student of science who has not heard the name of Aristotle Aristotle was born 384 years before Christ Aristotle was a great scientist Aristotle’s contribution only in Zoology Not but in many subjects, Aristotle is called the father of biology, Aristotle is also called the father of biology.

In his book Animal History, he studied about 500 organisms and told about their organs, the activities performed by them, reproductive activities etc.

Who first used the word Zoology?
As friends, we told you that Aristotle is said to be the father of Zoology, but it is also called the father of Zoology, but biology was not first called by Aristotle but by Lamarck. Yes, Lamarck is the same person who told that the giraffe is tall because due to constant drought, he had to raise his neck to eat the leaves, after which this happened continuously for centuries.

What is the five world concept?
The first person gave the five world compilation in 1969.
According to the concept of Pancha Jagat, living beings are divided into 5 parts.
Which are as follows –

Monera: Prokaryote organism. Eg: Bacteria, Cyanobacteria etc.
Protista: A unicellular aquatic eukaryote organism. eg: euglena
Fungi: Organisms that live on the support of others or organisms that feed on absorption. eg: cell wall
Plants: Multicellular photosynthetic plants. eg: tree
Animals: Multicellular eukaryote organisms. eg: human
Who is called the father of modern biology?
You must know that Aristotle is definitely the father of biology, but his time was about 300 years before Christ. Because of which his methods regarding biology were somewhat old. With the passage of time, there was a continuous development in biology too. And modern biology has captured the whole world. Carolus Linnaeus is called the father of modern biology.

Carolus Linnaeus has mainly divided the living world into two parts –

plant kingdom
animal kingdom
Apart from dividing the animal kingdom into two parts, Carolus Linnaeus also developed the binomial system of naming organisms. According to the binomial method of naming organisms, any organism is named in two stages –

First word: The first word for naming organisms is their lineage.
Second word: Another word for naming organisms is the name of their species.


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