Two researchers from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have made a major announcement. He said that a new species of bacteria has been discovered in the samples collected from the International Space Station (ISS). It is being speculated that this species of new bacteria can help us a lot in the mission of space. However, now only further research will be able to tell how much these bacteria will be able to help humans.

Naming will be done in the name of an Indian scientist

Researchers Kasturi Venkateswaran and Nitin Kumar Singh (Researchers Kasturi Venkateswaran and Nitin Kumar Singh) from the University of Hyderabad researchers working with NASA reported that they found a total of 4 bacteria in the samples.

These bacteria belong to the family Methylobacteriaceae. One of these four bacteria, Batteria, named Methylorubrum rhodesianum, has been discovered earlier. The remaining three bacteria are completely new. According to both the researchers, the name of this new bacterium is being named Methylorubrum ajmalii after Dr. Ajmal Khan, the biodiversity scientist of India.

What will help with this search?

This new bacterium found from the space station, along with the growth of the plant, provides plants with the ability to fight disease. According to the researchers, this bacterium can also prove to be helpful in growing crops in space. Although not much research has been done about this yet, if this thing proves to be true, then research will also be done on growing crops in Mars with the help of this bacteria.

What is International Space Station

The International Space Station is a very large spacecraft. It constantly revolves around the earth. This is a station where astronauts live. This station has all the necessary facilities for humans to live. Along with this, it is also a science laboratory.

Many countries prepared together

The International Space Station has been prepared by a number of space agencies. Russia’s Russian Federal Space Agency (RKA), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Canada’s Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and European Countries’ Joint European Space Agency (ESA) have collaborated with NASA of the United States. Apart from these, the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) is also working with NASA.


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